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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How will I be connected? (installation of cables and devices)

Our technicians install a tiny Network Box inside your premises. It is then connected to a single fibre coming from our closest splitter box, either somewhere around your street or your complex, depending on your specific location. We will use any existing infrastructure in order to install the fibre: pipes, ducts, air conduits.

The Network Box is a specific device and it can be used only with 123NET fibre. It has an Ethernet port (1 gigabit) which is then connected to the WAN port of your preferred wifi router or directly to your computer.

When will I be connected?

If you have been offered to sign a contract, we are usually close to your installation. Of course, it all depends on your specific area and location. After signing the contract, you will be notified with a scheduled date and time. We might require a preliminary inspection on the site, so the installation team is prepared and optimize our works.

Sometimes, we will cable inside your premises before the main fibre is ready to connect you. This helps us optimize our overall provess.

It can take from 40min upto 10 working days for your line to get active. Usually, when the fibre is already available, we will activate your account immediately after you provide us with the signed agreement and the network equipment is installed.

What if 123NET has no fibre coverage in my area?

The building of a fibre network is a long process. We are doing our best to continue our fibre roll-out as fast as possible.

However, we can offer a temporary fixed wireless solution (air fibre) in selected areas. When the fibre is ready, we will switch you and remove the wireless equipment. Please contact our Office to check for availability.

You can help us know that you are interested by answering our service survey . We will contact you as soon as we can connect you.

Who is the owner of the Network Box?

123NET owns the fibre cables and the Network Box (ONU) provided. It may not be compatible with other fibre networks and is specific to 123NET fibre needs. When you terminate your service, the Network Box must be returned.

Can I use my own router?

Absolutely. The 123NET network is compatible with all standard routers that have at least one ethernet WAN port. However, please check if your model supports the speeds that you are expecting. For example, if you require or plan to use speeds higher than 100mbits, your router must be gigabit port compatible.

When should I pay?

All our services are pre-paid. The first invoice will be generated AFTER the installation is completed and the service is activated. It will include a pro rata for the first month, and any installation costs that are applicable (wifi routers, boosters, additional cabling etc). You will then have 7 days to do your first payment. Please note if your account is set on Debit Order, you will still be required to do your first payment by EFT, because the amount maybe larger than the montly fee.

On every 25th day of the month, our Billing system generates and emails the invoices for the next month. You will also receive a SMS with your current balance. It is due on the 5th day of the month. If the payment was not received, the system will automatically put your service on hold and notify you on your web browser. On that page you will have an option to resume the service yourself by clicking on the Tolerance Period button for another 7 days.

Debit Orders are loaded on every 3rd day of the month. A second date is the 15th day when we process all due balances again. To avoid double payments, please do not EFT your monthly fees, or make the transfer at least 2 days before our Debit Order date. Our system will only debit accounts with a balance due.

What is included in the construction fee?

The construction fee covers merely a fraction of our construction cost, which includes civil works (digging, trenching, reinstating), rolling out fibre cables etc. If we have already connected the premises, then we will not charge you with an additional construction fee. Please mind, the fee is based on a per unit base and not on a whole building or complex. However, we have special agreements with most of our complexes. The fee might be waived for all 12/24 months contracts. Please check with our Office or Sales Reps.

Can I change my fibre plan?

Yes! You can alter your plan and upgrade at any given time, but you can downgrade only once a month and starting from the next month.

If you are on a month-to-month agreement, you can choose to upgrade/downgrade to any available package. However, if you are on a 6/12/24 terms you will only be allowed to go down to your initially signed plan.

Depending on your contract any charges will be then recalculated. You will be able to check it online, logging to your 123NET fibre Dashboard (soon available to every customer).

Pro-rata invoice will be generated for each plan change.

Can I move my service to a different location/premises?

The fibre service is a fixed location service. We can move and setup your service to a different place if we have a network coverage. A new agreement must be signed for the new address. The old one will be terminated. Please contact our Office for all the details.

Is 123NET an Open Access Network?

Yes! We invite every ISP to benefit from our network infrastructure, support and administration. Contact our Office for details.

I am online! How do I check my speed?

We recommend using the World standard for bandwidth measurement - Oookla's Please have in mind that speedtest on a mobile or a wifi connected device may show irrelevant results. The service depends on your local wifi coverage. The best results are shown when the test is performed using a LAN cable connection directly to your router.

How do I send email when connected to 123NET?

You must properly configure your SMTP outgoing email settings with the server and credentials provided by your email hosting company. 123NET will not relay 3rd party email domains. This will help us stop email spoofing and therefore reduce the SPAM.

Some email providers, such as do not allow access to their SMTP servers from external IP networks (others than their own). You can move your email elsewhere, or just forward it to another email domain account (gmail, or other). Then you can use the new email SMTP settings.

123NET provides free email boxes to every customer on our own domains (such as, etc.). Please contact our Support to request.

Up/down speed and device streaming claims are based on maximum wired speeds.
Actual Internet speeds are not guaranteed and may vary based on factors such as hardware and software limitations, latency, packet loss, etc.
500 times faster Internet claim is based on the current South Africa average for broadband of 2 Mbps download and 512 Kbps upload (ADSL).
1000 Mbps National download/upload may not be achieved with most South African sites/services due to their currently limited connectivity.
123NET fibre is working actively to peer with everyone to provide the highest possible speeds with all local services.
123NET fibre is an Open Access network. All ISPs are welcome to benefit from our high quality infrastructure, proven support and administration. Please contact us.